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What's included in your Galileo K-12 Online per-student license:

Comprehensive Assessment System

K-12 assessment in a broad range of subjects, K-12 Secure/Community Item Banks (incl. Constructed-Response and TE Items), Multiple Assessment Types (Benchmark, Formative, Interim/ End-of-Course Exams, Pretests/Posttests, Multi-Stage Computerized Adaptive Tests [MCAT], Screening and Progress Monitoring Assessments, Observational Assessments), Test Planning, Test Construction, Bulk/Class Calendar Scheduling, Online Testing Interface, Printing Capability, Test Scoring

Digital Curriculum Platform

Digital Curriculum Builder incl. Unit Builder, Lesson Plan Builder, Dialog Builder, Dialog Viewer, Dialog Monitoring, Instructional Dialog Bank, Resource Builder, Curriculum Scheduling

Dashboard and System Reporting

Reports - Assessments
Dashboards (Teaching, School Performance), Multi-level Reporting (Student, Group, Class, School, District), Custom Filters, Instructional Recommendations (with links to resources), Test Scores, Standards Mastery (Intervention Alert and Development Profile), Test Sets (Multi-Test, Benchmark, Formative, Student Assessment History), Test Monitoring, Test Properties (Test Blueprints, Item Analysis, Item Parameters), Progress Monitoring (Categorical Growth, Student Growth and Achievement), Custom Test Reports, External Tests

Reports – System Use
User Activity, Testing Activity, User List, Custom Form Information

Student-Parent Center

Student/parent access to assessment results, lessons, assignments, resources, historical information/materials with student access to assessments; responsive design, intuitive interface, graphical representations, Google Translate

Instructional Effectiveness System

Student Growth Assessment, Classroom Observations, Score Compiler (single score from multiple measures), Other Data such as Parent Ratings, Instructional Effectiveness Dashboard

Setup Components

District/School Information, Custom Forms, Data Setup/Importation, Standards Builder, Library Assignments (Control Content Access), Multi-level Staff and Student Accounts, Intervention Groups

Start-Up, Data Importation/Exportation, Project Support Services:

  • Implementation Planning and Ongoing Support Services
  • ATI Data Importation Services, (e.g., Student Information, External Test Data, Assessment content via Automated Scoring Key Technology)
  • Assessment and Instructional Dialog Planning and Support Services
  • ATI Data Exportation Services (i.e., Assessment Scores)

Application-Related Support: Technical, Client Use including Assessment and Instructional Design and Report Use provided by ATI staff at no additional charge.

Data Analysis Services

Psychometric analyses supporting instructional improvement and effectiveness by establishing reliability, validity, and forecasts of statewide test performance, evaluating growth (Categorical Growth Analysis) and measuring progress by placing test scores on a common scale.

Application Upgrades

Provided at no additional charge. No maintenance fees.

ATI Provided On-Site/Online Professional Development

On-site PD/Training offered in client-provided computer lab(s) generally accommodating up to 45 participants; attendee-focused content; attendee-specific session materials; trainer travel expenses; customized PD/training plan with specific agendas developed in partnership with each client.

Complimentary Online PD/Training includes small group webinars with mutually agreed frequency, Learning on Demand, Professional Development Forum, Quick Reference Guides, videos, Help files.

ATI Options

Item Bank Builder-Advanced
Item Bank Builder-Advanced is provided for a nominal fee and enables school and district educators to create both formative items and benchmark items. Benchmark items can be used to create district/charter-wide assessments and are included in ATI’s advanced statistical analyses procedures and provide DL scores. To upgrade to Advanced, users can participate in two ATI professional development sessions focused on best practices in item development for reliable, valid assessments. Contact a Field Services Coordinator for the Advanced pricing.

Additional Options

Crane Schools Dynamic Curriculum Strategies
Dynamic Curriculum Strategies is a standards-based curriculum, affiliated resources, aligned assessments, and reporting all-in-one and is offered through the Galileo K-12 Digital Curriculum Platform. Contact Abby Pemberton, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Crane Elementary School District.

GradeCam supports scanning bubble sheets using web and document cameras for an annual user fee. Contact ATI for more information.

Key Data Systems Inspect® Item Bank
Offering a robust formative assessment item bank and a suite of over 300 pre-built assessments. Contact ATI for specific information.

Built on the principles of science and supported by research since 1986.

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