Powerful Reporting Capabilities for All Users

The Galileo Pre-K reporting suite is designed to provide rapid access to powerful information on children’s learning. The information generated by the reports can be used to inform educational decision-making and to document children’s learning outcomes and readiness for school. The Galileo reporting suite supports accurate, timely, and efficient reporting of child data to early childhood stakeholders including teachers, caregivers, parents, specialists, administrators, and state policy makers. The suite is composed of three easy-to-use innovative and integrated components:

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Electronic Management of Learning Cycle

Continuous, Integrated Reporting

The innovative Galileo Pre-K reporting suite is designed to be part of an integrated early childhood educational management system that supports a continuous early intervention cycle making the effective management of early childhood education possible.

The early intervention cycle is a process in which child developmental gains are continually assessed in order to evaluate the extent to which previously planned goals are being accomplished and achieving the intended impact on children’s growth and development. This process is also the basis for revising and setting future goals. Galileo Pre-K provides five primary ways of reporting children’s learning and developmental gains to assist in managing children’s growth.


Real-Time, Accessible Data Powered by Galileo Pre-K Online Reports

Galileo Pre-K reporting is part of the integrated educational management system in which the observations that are documented are immediately available at various levels of aggregation providing early childhood stakeholders with accurate, timely, and efficient data. Immediate report generation provides up-to-the-moment information on which sound educational decisions may be made.

Primary Galileo Pre-K Reports

Aggregating data at multi-levels: child, group, class, center, or agency

Development Profile Report

Development Profile Report
Shows the count and/or percentage of children at each readiness level for each goal in a selected scale.

Knowledge Area Report

Knowledge Area Proficiency Profiles
Shows the percentage of goals in each knowledge area of a selected scale that children have learned.

Milestones Profile Report

Development Milestones Report
Shows the count or percentage of children at each readiness level for selected goals in a scale

Multi-Period Progress Report

Multi-Period Progress Report
Shows change that occurred in childrens’ development from an initial observation period to a subsequent observation period.

Development Summaries

Development Summaries
Provides a series of four scores that summarize a child's development.


Galileo Pre-K reporting tools address a variety of needs for early childhood programs and are designed to be used to:

  • document a child’s learning and developmental gains in real time throughout the year
  • provide real-time information about a child’s learning and developmental gains
  • inform the provision of developmentally appropriate, data-evidenced learning opportunities
  • inform planning and instruction in ways that help ensure children’s individual developmental and learning needs are met
  • engage families by facilitating communication about a child’s learning and developmental gains
  • provide report customization using the Merlin utility in Galileo, and report filtering on a range of demographic, programmatic, center, and teacher variables along with Galileo and/or any other developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum

Reports for Users at Every Level

ATI’s state-of-the-art statistical approaches produce assessment results summarized in easy-to-understand reports. A variety of ready-made standards-aligned reports can be generated at several levels with up-to-the-moment information about children’s learning and development which can be used to achieve the valued educational goals for children.

Reports for every level

Customized Data Collection for Flexible Reporting

Galileo Pre-K provides early childhood programs with an assortment of tools to accomplish the overall goal of capturing, maintaining, and querying outcomes data. The beneficial outcome is that crucial data gets to the appropriate decision-maker in a timely fashion. The Galileo Pre-K Form Builder tool provides the ability to capture data, such as child demographic data, and filter on these variable when reporting. Merlin’s Report Builder and Equation Builder tools provide the ability to pull and query data from multiple sources

Galileo Online Reporter

Discover Patterns of Progress with Online Reporter

Analyze child outcomes for an entire agency or various groups of children using multi-level reports.

Powerful Filtering and Aggregation Capabilities

Effective decision-making requires the ability to efficiently and effectively aggregate assessment data from large groups of children. Online Reporter provides those in administrative and policy-making roles rapid access to data for use in setting, implementing, and evaluating the attainment of goals through powerful filtering and aggregation capabilities. This real-time information can be used to document child outcomes and answer important questions about school readiness.

Online Reporter is designed to:

  • generate state and local level information about learning and developmental gains of children
  • provide every early childhood program the capacity to run progress reports on aggregated and disaggregated data
  • support comparative data reporting about children’s learning

Pre-K Girl on Computer

Encouraging Child Progress at Home

Learn how Galileo Pre-K Parent Center encourages family engagement with at-home activities. Watch the video.

Preschoolers are active, engaged learners, who see the environment as a place to explore, discover, and grow. Teachers and families can connect with each other on behalf of and even with children through the Galileo Pre-K Parent Center. The Center provides families with suggested home learning activities and with reports detailing their child’s growth and development. Families may access Galileo Pre-K Parent Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The Galileo Pre-K Parent Center includes the following:

  • teacher-created lesson plans describing upcoming learning opportunities planned for the child
  • activities that can be completed at home including Galileo activities and teacher-provided activities
  • developmentally-appropriate, computer-based Galileo Storyteller activities
  • Individual Observation Record worksheet where at-home observations of the capabilities demonstrated can be recorded
  • Individual Development Profile report describing which capabilities the child has learned and the readiness level for learning additional capabilities

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