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The Galileo Pre-K Curriculum is a complete standards- and evidence-based early childhood curriculum which includes an empirically based scope and sequence grounded in developmental theory. The curriculum is linked directly to Galileo's reliable and valid assessment tools and contains both resources guiding interest area and room preparation as well as instructional content reflecting the most current research. The unique, easy-to-use web-based Galileo interface provides access to flexible curriculum, assessment, reporting, and management tools enabling programs to maximize local control and support high-quality, consistent teaching. Programs using the Galileo Pre-K Curriculum can:

comprehensive assessment system
  • implement 32 weeks of model lesson plans reflecting an empirically based scope and sequence and consisting of activities linked to the developmental goals in Galileo G3 Scales and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework
  • access over 1,000 ready-to-use activities that are searchable by learning goal and are ideal for providing individualized instruction
  • receive concrete guidance for teachers on how to prepare for and use the Galileo Pre-K Curriculum, including recommendations for setting up interest centers that promote learning,
  • ensure activities reflect children's developmental needs by accessing individual "readiness level" when planning
  • create and store children's individual development plans in Galileo
  • communicate with families via the Galileo Pre-K Parent Center and assist families in engaging children with Times for Learning home activities and reports in English and Spanish

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Demo Pre-K

Galileo Pre-K Storyteller

Storyteller animated activities engage children in learning.  Sample the "The Name Soup" activity. (Note: Audio capability is needed.)

Mastering Goals Through Animation

Storyteller, a technology-based language- and literacy-focused curriculum and assessment tool is included with the Galileo Pre-K Curriculum. It promotes language and literacy development by providing children opportunities to master the literacy goals. Used in conjunction with the Galileo Pre-K curriculum, Storyteller includes:

  • twenty-eight weeks of language and literacy lesson plans and activities
  • one-hundred-twenty-six ready-to-use language and literacy classroom activities; many of which provide printable resources, such as name tags and classroom labels, for teachers to use with children
  • twenty-four computer-based Storyteller instructional activities that motivate learning with their rich, multimedia visual and auditory presentations
  • twenty-one computer-based Storyteller assessments that minimize subjectivity and increase the accuracy of assessments

Storyteller offers an exciting, multimedia approach to providing language and literacy learning opportunities which follow the whimsical animated characters of Peoplewich Plain through their many adventures.

Curriculum Linked to Assessment

Galileo Pre-K Online provides a complete curriculum, fully integrated into an assessment and reporting system that links curriculum, assessment, planning, individualization, and program outcomes. Galileo provides a data-driven, research-based, and standards-aligned approach to providing developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for children.

The Galileo Pre-K Online Curriculum is built around the comprehensive G3 goals ensuring the curriculum reflects a scope of content that is appropriate for use with children. The built-in assessment tools guide curriculum planning to ensure that the sequence of curriculum content delivered is appropriate to the age and developmental level of the children.

What's Included with the Galileo Pre-K Curriculum?

Galileo Storyteller Characters

When a program licenses Galileo, staff members and teachers are granted unlimited access to the Galileo curriculum, assessment, and reporting tools, all of which are online. The following is a list of curriculum and professional development resources and materials available for programs using Galileo Pre-K Curriculum. All published materials are available from ATI and/or within the Galileo Pre-K interface.

Full Set of Curriculum Materials:

  • Galileo Pre-K Online Welcome
  • Galileo Pre-K Online Curriculum Guidebook
  • Galileo G3 Activity Library
  • Galileo G3 Activity Maps
  • Galileo G3 Lesson Plans
  • Galileo G3 Lesson Plan Maps
  • Times for Learning G3 Activity Library
  • Storyteller Lesson Plans
  • Storyteller Activity Library
  • Storyteller Animated Activity

Additional Professional Development Materials:

  • Fundamentals of Galileo: Curriculum Manual
  • Fundamentals of Galileo: Developmental Assessment Manual
  • Fundamentals of Galileo: Reports Manual

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