Digital Curriculum Platform

Powerful Integration of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

With its Digital Curriculum Platform, Galileo is the clear choice for educators seeking to integrate instruction and assessment in one system. The Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform is your instructional solution supporting a seamless integration between curriculum, unit and lesson plan development, standards-based differentiated instruction, reliable and valid assessment, and actionable Dashboard reporting. Fully integrated into Galileo K-12 at no additional cost, the Platform’s innovative technology supports:

comprehensive assessment system
  • developing, disseminating, and managing curriculum and units with innovative Galileo Builder Tools
  • designing lesson plans aligned with units and courses
  • implementing data-driven differentiated instruction in class and in blended-learning environments.
  • access to thousands of searchable standards-aligned resources including Galileo Instructional Dialogs and KHAN ACADEMY®*
  • connecting parents, students, and educators in the learning process
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Integrate, Develop, and Modify Curriculum

As the first of its kind, the Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform makes it possible to easily integrate existing curriculum content, develop new curriculum content, and modify curriculums as needed. Using the Platform, educators can:

  • easily design and disseminate units of study
  • efficiently develop and implement lesson plans
  • design empirically-based differentiated instruction
  • rapidly link curriculum to benchmark, formative, and other types of assessments
  • monitor the impact of instruction on student progress and mastery of standards

Innovative Builder Tools for the Digital Age

Curriculum builder tools support the inclusion of multimedia instructional content within courses, units, lessons, and activities.


Data-Driven Differentiated Instruction

The Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform and Galileo Dashboards help educators determine what works by measuring what has been taught as well as what has been learned. Scheduling Instructional Dialogs integrating instruction with brief formative assessment helps educators determine the effectiveness of instruction. Educators can then make further instructional decisions and revise instructional materials as needed to optimize student learning.

Ready-to-Implement Curriculum Options

The Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform offers direct access to curriculum resources in English language arts and mathematics. Additionally, Galileo provides access to Dynamic Curriculum Strategies developed by Crane Elementary School District. The evidence-based curriculum solution is completely aligned to Arizona State Standards. It offers curriculum for grades K-8, affiliated resources, aligned assessments, and reporting all-in-one cost effective approach. This learning system offers a logical approach to assessment and interactive instruction with opportunities to personalize learning supporting students with a spectrum of needs. Learn more

Crane Curriculum Illustration

An illustration of a Crane Curriculum Unit within the Galileo Platform

Access to Popular Resources

The Platform enables searching for and scheduling popular instructional resources including those from KHAN ACADEMY®* and Galileo prebuilt Instructional Dialogs. Using these resources as well as educator-developed materials, educators can provide students with rapid access to a broad diversity of interactive, multimodal opportunities aligned with their learning needs and pattern of progress.

Instructional Dialog

Utilize numerous pre-made instructional materials included in Galileo

Multimedia resources

Access and assign online resources through Galileo

real-time feedback

Integrate instruction with assessment including real-time feedback

Connecting Everyone

The Galileo Digital Curriculum Platform was designed to help bring together everyone in the learning process. Through the Platform and Galileo Dashboards, educators have real-time access to a continuous portrait of instruction and student learning. The K-12 Student-Parent Center increases student engagement and provides students with intuitive online assessment and instruction interfaces. The Center also provides students and parents with easy-to-understand information summarizing student learning.

connecting all stakeholders


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* KHAN ACADEMY® materials are available free at

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