Success Stories

Districts and charters of all sizes and all across the country, partner with ATI as they actively work to achieve a variety of goals designed to improve student learning. Each has implemented Galileo by making procedural changes that directly led to student growth. Read their stories and find out what they are saying.

Samples of What Clients are Saying


"The immediacy of the feedback and the depth and breadth of the Galileo analytics through its drill-down capability are immense time savers for teachers. They provide reports and results that would take teachers hours to perform if they could perform such analyses at all."

— Excerpt from Blended Learning and Data Use in Three Technology-Infused Charter Schools, A Report to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


"ATI has supported us with high quality assessments, state-of-the art metrics and scoring, and excellent customer service."

— Jared Prolo, Coordinator of Assessment, Research, and Evaluation Services, CA


"Your (ATI) items are superior to any I’ve seen written by other vendors and I’d like the consistency amongst the unit and final exams"

— Megan Elston, MA, Instructional Designer, StrongMind, AZ


"ATI not only helped my leadership team but also our teachers to have a more data-driven focus."

— Dr. Stephanie De Mar, Principal, Loma Linda, AZ


"We have had some great conversations about the rigor of questions aligned to a certain standard using Galileo as a measuring stick. Teachers have used technology–enhanced items and feel that that experience coupled with the act of taking online assessments for two years has better prepared our students for the first state testing done online this year."

— Kelly Klocke, Bayless School District Instructional Coordinator, MO



Columbine Elementary School

"I can't emphasize enough how far this school's come… it was a school with low performance…in the time they've implemented Galileo... data increases have been huge." - Tori Teague, Executive Director Assessment/Curriculum

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