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Join us in our mission to create technology to promote learning.

Who We Are

We’re a team of professionals with expertise in a variety of disciplines including teaching and educational administration, educational psychology and cognitive science, measurement and evaluation, research, software engineering, web design, and information technology. Together we’re serious about creating, distributing, and supporting technology to promote learning.

Careers at ATI

In a career at ATI, you will have the opportunity to, in collaboration with co-workers, make a positive impact on the lives of children, teachers, administrators, and other educational stakeholders. A positive impact on children and on those who educate them ripples into the culture as a whole and onto the world stage. Staff members at ATI welcome the challenges inherent in contributing to a positive change in education and the opportunity to grow their skills within a supportive environment. If you are passionate about education and about furthering your own skills in a supportive environment, you’ll fit right in.


Built on the principles of science and supported by research since 1986.

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