Efficient Launchpads, Graphical Dashboards with Multi-Level Reporting

No matter what type of user you are, getting started with Galileo is the clear choice if you are looking for efficiency and ease of use. Upon login, Galileo Launchpads offer colorful, navigational tiles to the Galileo interfaces most often used. Within Galileo K-12 Dashboards and multi-level reporting are default tiles set so that teachers and staff can quickly view and interact with curriculum, assessment, and actionable assessment results. Students and parents have the same easy functionality to frequently used interfaces in the K-12 Student-Parent Center. Additionally, Galileo offers tools and actionable reports that help promote instructional improvement, differentiated instruction, and student learning. Galileo is designed with these dynamic features to jump start everyone’s experience including:

comprehensive assessment system
  • efficient Launchpads support customizable navigational titles based on user needs and roles
  • Dashboards for all users with each featuring one centralized location with access to tools meeting all instruction, curriculum, assessment, and reporting needs
  • interactive calendar and tools for designing, planning, and scheduling instruction and assessments
  • tools to facilitate data-driven, standards-based differentiated instruction with access to a broad diversity of instructional materials
  • easy-to-interpret graphical reports offering real-time, reliable data on student learning
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Galileo Launchpad Technology

Staff Launchpad technology is designed for teachers and administrators with efficiencies and ease-of-use. When a user signs into Galileo, they will be taken directly to their own Launchpad where they will find colorful, quick-access navigational tiles. The default set of tiles is customized with commonly used Galileo interfaces (e.g. Dashboards) based on their role as a teacher or administrator. Users can personalize their Launchpad by adding tiles for other Galileo interfaces, creating their own tiles with links to external websites, or deleting tiles. Users can also change the color, icon, and order of the navigational tiles.


K-12 Student-Parent Center Launchpad offers the same easy functionality. Upon signing in to the Center, students will find their Launchpad including four tiles providing quick access to frequently used interfaces.

lanuchpad video

Organize Your Workflow with Galileo Launchpad Technology. Watch the brief video.

Teacher Dashboard Linking Actionable Data to Instruction

The Teacher Dashboard provides full integration of differentiated instruction, assessment, reporting, and intervention/enrichment. The graphical, colorful Dashboard provides one-click icon access and responsive design. The Dashboard includes an integrated Class Calendar plus quick access to tools to build and schedule course and lesson planning, instruction, and assessment materials. Powerful reports provide skill mastery, standards mastery, growth, and forecasting information. Teachers also benefit from on-demand access to standards aligned resources including ATI Instructional Dialogs, KHAN ACADEMY® videos and activities, EngageNY lessons, and LearnZillion resources.

Benchmark Performance Widget video

Learn how the Benchmark Performance Levels report for Teachers helps to inform instruction and monitor student progress throughout the year. Watch the brief video.

Admin Dashboard Supporting Effective Leadership

The Admin Dashboard enables school- and district-level users to track student performance at the school and district levels. The Dashboard includes graphical growth and achievement reports including an at-a-glance growth summary across grades and subjects. Via the Dashboard, administrators can plan and manage school and district wide instruction, intervention, and enrichment initiatives. Responsive design also supports on-the-go access on tablets and smartphones.

K-12 Student-Parent Center Dashboard Increasing Engagement and Learning

The K-12 Student-Parent Center Dashboard is a secure portal for students and parents with engaging features supporting assessment, instructional activities, and teacher communication. The Center supports an extension of the traditional learning environment by enabling teachers to provide students with access to digital resources and videos that provide for greater depth of understanding and support self-study. Upon sign in to the Center, students will find their Launchpad including four tiles providing quick access to frequently used interfaces. From the tiles, students can access tests, assignments and Dialogs, test results, or an interactive calendar. They also have easy access to scheduled assignments, assessments, and assessment results across multiple school years. The intuitive interface includes easy-to-follow navigational icons, easy-to-understand graphical representations, and a Google Translate feature accommodating speakers of Spanish and 20 other languages.

Making a Measureable Difference in Learning through Data-Driven Differentiated Instruction

Galileo Dashboard reports provide the right tools for facilitating data-driven, standards-based differentiated instruction for individual students, classes, and tiered intervention groups. The reports provide actionable assessment results that quickly inform differentiated instructional decision-making of three essential types:

Skill mastery with instruction guided through information from the Test Monitoring Report and Detailed Item Analysis Report

Standards mastery with instruction guided through information from the Intervention Alert and Instruction Performance Tracker

Pattern of progress with instruction guided through information from the Student Growth and Achievement Report

Educators can easily provide students with a broad diversity of instructional materials aligned with their learning needs including ATI Instructional Dialogs, KHAN ACADEMY® videos, and activities, EngageNY lessons, LearnZillion resources, and educator-developed materials

Reports Offering Real-Time, Reliable Data on Student Learning

Report data details student mastery of standards, next steps to design instruction to promote learning with continuous tracking of student progress, and forecasting of student performance throughout the year. A broad set of ready-made, standards-aligned reports are available in Galileo with easy to interpret graphics. A sampling of these dynamic reports follow:

Risk Level Summary

Risk Level Summary
Utilizes state-of-the-art statistical analyses to identify the number of students who are On Course or at Low, Moderate, or High Risk for not meeting standards on the statewide assessment. View the expanded report.

Student Growth and Achievement

Student Growth and Achievement
Supports identification of students showing different patterns of progress based on their current level of achievement and their growth over time. Watch a brief video.

Test Monitoring

Test Monitoring
Displays responses and scores for individual students and the class in real-time along with intuitive tools to support proctoring and scoring of constructed response items. View the expanded report.

Intervention Alert

Intervention Alert
Provides actionable information about student standards mastery and supports comparison with overall class, school, and district performance. View the expanded report.

Instruction Performance Tracker

Instruction Performance Tracker
Recommends a step-by-step plan with targeted standards for intervention and enrichment along with related instructional materials and follow-up quizzes. View the expanded report.

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