Experience the Ways the Galileo Comprehensive Assessment System Promotes Student Learning - Complimentary Trial Available

Assessment is a critical part of effective instruction. Watch the brief video to learn how ATI's comprehensive assessment system helps with educational decisions to promote student learning. For a complimentary trial of Galileo Online, contact us today!

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Assessment is a critical part of effective instruction. Research has shown that educators who implement reliable and valid assessments to guide instructional decisions will promote student learning. That's why ATI's Galileo K-12 comprehensive assessment system is designed to help inform educational decisions to promote student learning in K-12 math, ELA, science, and other subjects.

What Makes the ATI Comprehensive Assessment System Exceptional?

  • multiple assessment types including both customized and a wide variety of unparalleled pre-built assessments
  • robust item banks offering a selection of 19 different item types that challenge students at all learning levels, including technology-enhanced items
  • intuitive and powerful test and item building tools for assessment creation
  • advanced statistical analyses that enable educators to effectively measure student growth and forecast student performance on statewide assessments

Want to know more? Check out ATI's comprehensive assessment system web page or watch our brief video. Increase the benefits of your assessment-process today and let research work for you with the Galileo K-12 comprehensive assessment system.

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