Galileo, Cloud Computing, and You

The benefits of cloud computing explained by Luke Ferris, ATI Information Technology Director

AWS video

To support our vast network of clients across the nation, ATI now provides Galileo K-12 and Pre-K educational services through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform. Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT applications and resources via the Internet. AWS is a market leader providing advanced scalability and security.

Through AWS, ATI provides a seamless integration of assessment, curriculum, and reporting aligned with your District/ Charter/ Program's curriculum and scheduling requirements. Whether you serve a few or thousands of learners, our system gives you the security, efficiency, and reliability you need to meet educational goals and responsibilities throughout the year.

With Galileo Online, we're creating cutting-edge technology solutions to promote learning. Explore the capabilities of Galileo K-12 and Pre-K Online and learn what it can do for you!

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