New Item Bank Builder-Basic and Advanced Supporting Efficient Tools for High-Quality Item Development

All users have access to Item Bank Builder-Basic as part of the Galileo license which supports the creation, review, and certification of formative items. Items are organized by standard within a customizable folder system and can also be viewed in a Data Grid with sorting and search capabilities. Use Item Bank Builder- Basic to create your own personal item bank for classroom assessments or to create item banks you share with other educators in your school or district. The Basic package comes with a Galileo license.

Item Bank Review

Item Bank Builder tools supports the creation, review, and certification of items.

Item Bank Builder-Advanced is provided for a nominal fee and enables school and district educators to create both formative items and benchmark items. Benchmark items can be used to create district/charter-wide assessments and are included in ATI’s advanced statistical analyses procedures and provide DL scores. To upgrade to Advanced, users can participate in two ATI professional development sessions focused on best practices in item development for reliable, valid assessments. Contact a Field Services Coordinator for the Advanced pricing.

Contact a Field Services Coordinator to learn more about Item Bank Builder and professional development options.

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