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April 2019
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ATI provides educators an easy-to-use, comprehensive, online system that seamlessly integrates curriculum, assessment, and reporting. We're excited this spring to provide the following news, enhancements, and learning opportunities to educators:
  • ATI and Imagine Learning now offer a research-based assessment and digital education solution
  • the new Benchmark Performance Levels report provides an in-depth analysis of student learning
  • scheduling assignments just got easier
  • a new look and enhanced functionality are available with the Intervention Alert
  • Launching Instructional Transformation is a free event April 23 that you won't want to miss
ATI and Imagine Learning Now Offer a Research-Based Assessment and Digital Education Solution

We are excited to announce that ATI is now part of the Weld North educational portfolio and as such is combining forces with Imagine Learning.

Imagine Learning is a leading provider of personalized, proven digital education programs that teach language, literacy and math to students in Pre-K and K-12. This innovative initiative will enable teachers and administrators to integrate outstanding instructional technology with state-of-the-art measurement technology to enhance student learning.

Read the full article to learn more.
The New Benchmark Performance Levels Report Provides an In-Depth Analysis of Student Learning

Recent enhancements to the Benchmark Performance Levels report provide teachers and administrators the capability to evaluate student performance on multiple measures involving classes and schools. Use this report to answer the following questions and more:
  • which students need intervention?
  • which standards have students mastered? 
  • which standards should be retaught?
  • is student performance improving throughout the year?
  • how does class performance compare to school and district performance?
  • how does student performance compare across content areas?
  • which schools and classes are excelling or struggling?
  • how are students performing in each of their classes?

Compare performance across tests at multiple levels in the Benchmark Performance Levels report.

The new report is accessible from the  Benchmark Performance Levels report on the  Teacher - and  Admin Dashboards as well as from the Reports menu. Chart views include colorful bar graphs that illustrate patterns of performance. Data views provide interactive data tables that enable custom search and sorting. Additionally, print and export capabilities support a variety of formats such as JPG, PDF, and Excel.

Learn about additional reports found on the Galileo Dashboard.
Scheduling Assignments Just Got Easier

The Schedule Assignments page has been revamped with a new look, enhanced functionality, and increased search speed. In the Schedule Assignments page, educators can now search by Standard, by Assessment Plan, and by Grade and Subject. Educators can also add an optional Keyword to help search for and filter assignments. Search results currently include Instructional Dialogs and Khan Academy® materials, with SAS Curriculum Pathways materials coming soon. Results are displayed in a searchable, sortable data table and include a link to preview the assignment.

Assignments search results currently include ATI Instructional Dialogs 
and Khan Academy materials.

Once an educator selects one or more assignments, he or she can click View  Schedule Settings to select the desired group of students including selecting from existing classes and intervention groups, or easily adding and deleting students to create a new custom intervention group . Educators can also determine the dates and times the assignment will be available. Educators may access the Schedule Assignments page from the Teacher Dashboard Calendar.

Learn more about Galileo instructional resources in the Data Driven, Differentiated Instruction PDF.
A New Look and Enhanced Functionality are Available with the Intervention Alert

The Intervention Alert has received a new look and enhanced export functionality. Most notably, the standards mastery categories have been individually color coded to enable educators to quickly identify standards at all levels of mastery. The aggregated class, school, and district data has also been color coded to illustrate the percentage of students who've mastered the standard in each group.

Color coding in the Intervention Alert shows the level of mastery of each 
standard assessed for each student.

With the Intervention Alert report, educators are provided actionable data helping educators to create intervention groups and guide differentiated instruction.
Launching Instructional Transformation is a Free Event April 23 that You Won't Want to Miss

Attention AZ Educators - Mark your calendars to attend Launching Instructional Transformation: A Workshop on Rapid School Improvement.


This free seminar is designed for instructional leaders and leadership teams. Hear speakers talk about cutting-edge issues in education including instructional leadership, school improvement strategies, integration of curriculum and assessment, digital learning, & much more.
Learn more and register.
New Learning on Demand Available -  One of ATI's most popular resources is the complimentary Learning on Demand webinar and video series. View the new list of complimentary Learning on Demand sessions, available April through June, 2019. Register in the "Upcoming" tab for the sessions that interest you! 
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