New Sequencing Item Builder

Sometimes you want to measure if a student knows about the steps or order of a process, instead of just knowing the facts. This is when a sequencing Item option comes in handy. Sequencing is a type of test item where the test taker is asked to place a selection of items into the correct order or rank. This type of item can be used to measure a deep understanding or high depth of knowledge.

"Your (Galileo K-12) items are superior to any I've seen written by other vendors.
All assessment items are written in a simple and clear way, while still aligning to complex standards"

-Megan Elston, MA, Instructional Design, StrongMind


The ATI Secure and Community (formative) Item Banks contain more than 93,400 pre-built items including Sequencing Items to choose from when building an assessment. Now, ATI gives teachers the ability to create and customize their own Sequencing Items using the Sequencing Item Builder tool. A Sequencing Item in Galileo requires the student to use their mouse to drag and drop data elements into appropriate order or place. This item, which is aligned directly to the standards you have selected or to a standard that you have created, is scored automatically when administered online. With the addition of the Sequencing Item type, you now have more variety and flexibility in developing assessments that engage students in complex thinking needed for college and career readiness.

With the Sequencing Item Builder tool, educators now have the ability to create and customize their own Sequencing Items


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