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Galileo Pre-K Online

Galileo Pre-K Online Help is Always at Hand

The Galileo Pre-K Online Help interface gives users up-to-date information on frequently asked questions about Galileo. For example, if children are not showing up on the Progress Report, the Data Checker Active/Inactive Report tool can be used to verify which children were, or were not assessed on a scale or within a date range. A quick search in the Help interface will bring up detailed instructions on how to use the feature.


When logged into Galileo, users can easily access the interface by clicking the "Help" link in the gold menu bar at the top of any screen. Once inside the Help utility, users can search for topics via three methods which are available from the red bar at the top of the interface. These methods are: 1) the "Contents" link through which users may drill down through Categories such as Setup, Assessment, and Curriculum to find a topic; 2) the "Index" link which provides users an alphabetized list of all Help topics; and 3) the "Search" link by which users may search for topics by keyword. Help files often include step-by-step instructions on using the selected feature, links to quick reference guides, printable handouts, and videos detailing the different features in Galileo Pre-K Online.


In addition to the Help interface, ATI also provides many professional development (PD) and instructional resource options for all levels of Galileo users. These include online beginner and advanced self-study courses, on-site and online PD sessions, access to the online Professional Development Forum, and more.


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