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Galileo K-12 Online

ATI Launches a New Student-Parent Center Platform

The new K-12 Student-Parent Center platform is live. It includes a Dashboard, user-friendly icons, responsive design to accommodate use on various screen sizes, search capabilities, integration of Google Translate, and the option to begin use of the new platform now or at a later time. Learn more.


Learn how to preview the new Center.

Learn how to activate the new platform.



Test Monitoring Interface is Getting an Update

The Galileo Test Monitoring interface will receive updates in the new year. The interface provides the ability to monitor all student responses in one location. The look of the interface is changing with animated 3D charts and expandable windows to engage and inform the educator as well as to allow rapid access to test scoring capabilities. In addition, users can score student's essays as well as change or modify point values for other question types. Learn more.




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