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ATI Offers a Wide Array of Technology Enhanced Items

In support of districts and charters preparing students for the next generation of curriculum and assessments, ATI has developed a wide array of innovative, technology enhanced (TE) items that are designed to engage students and to mirror items included on PARCC*, SBAC**, and AIR*** assessments. ATI TE items are available for kindergarten through high school in math, science, and English language arts. TE items can be included in any online Galileo assessments as well as in Instructional Dialogs offering substantial benefits to both students and teachers. Learn the benefits of presenting TE items through Instructional Dialogs.


Galileo TE item types include the: multi-part item, selectable text item, sequencing item, expanded selected response item, performance-based item, and customized TE item. Galileo customized TE items can be used to build a variety of item types and reflect the wide range of TE items likely to be encountered on state-wide assessments. Galileo item banks currently include more than 4,000 TE items and approximately 400 are added each month. In addition, TE items are designed to accommodate different levels of cognitive complexity and, when presented through Galileo Instructional Dialogs, help to increase a student's familiarity with new item types.  


Read more about the types of TE items available in Galileo.
View sample TE items for kindergarten, 5th grade, and high school.


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*Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
**Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
***American Institutes for Research