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ATI Offers Extensive Item Banks to Meet All District/Charter Assessment Needs

ATI uses proprietary item banking technology to build and manage one of the largest assessment item banks in the nation. ATI item banks contain over 150,000 items aligned to Common Core and local state standards in math, ELA, science, and non-state tested areas* (e.g. social studies, foreign language, and the arts) for grades kindergarten through high school. The banks contain a large array of item types including technology enhanced items. ATI offers both a secure item bank for use in creating district-wide assessments (e.g. benchmarks) and a community item bank from which teachers can create short formative assessments. ELA, math, and science items in both banks are continuously validated using Item Response Theory. Plus, ATI has partnered with Key Data Systems making it possible for districts/charters to access Inspect®, an item bank and suite of over 300 pre-built assessments, directly through Galileo.


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*The Community Assessment Item Bank (CAIB) repository of community items for participating districts/charters may vary from state to state.