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The Team

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The team at Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI) is comprised of expertise from a variety of disciplines related to education, measurement and outcomes evaluation, research, software programming languages, and the design of web-based applications for education.

Since 1986, the management team has written books, chapters, research articles, and technical reports on a variety of topics related to technology and education.

And at the heart of ATI is a group of dedicated trainers and technical personnel focused on helping Galileo users prepare children today for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow. Our trainers, service staff, and technicians make sure that programs receive prompt and clear communications so they may utilize the Galileo system to the best of its capability. Ongoing training is available to all clients.



Dr. John R. Bergan


John R. Bergan, Ph.D.



John Bergan received his Ph.D. in Psychology and Education from the University of Michigan. He has over 30 years of research experience in the area of children’s development. Dr. Bergan is the author of several books and over 70 articles in scientific journals in education and psychology. Dr. Bergan's research contributions include studies of children's cognitive and social development and policy research studies on the development of Head Start children and the transition of Head Start children into the elementary school. He is a Fellow of the American Educational Research Association and the recipient of the Palmer O. Johnson Award from the American Educational Research Association, the Distinguished Psychologist Award from the Arizona State Psychological Association and the Presidential Citation from the National Child Care Association. As founder and president of ATI, Dr. Bergan establishes and refines the vision of ATI and, with the Research and Development team, designs new technology to assist educators in public schools, Head Start programs and private childcare settings, to accomplish the goals of enhancing students’ learning and children’s development.




Dr. Kathy Bergan


Kathryn S. Bergan, Ph.D

Executive Vice President


Kathryn Bergan received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, a M.Ed. in Educational Psychology from the University of Arizona, and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Arizona. Dr. Bergan has extensive clinical experience related to the management of learning and development, parenting skills, and family interactions. She is a member of the American Psychological Association. She directs the daily operations of ATI.



Dr. Jason Feld


Jason Feld, Ph.D.

Vice President Corporate Projects


Jason Feld received a M.A. in Psychology from New York University and his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at the University of Arizona. His research and professional activities in Pre-K and K-12 education, assessment, policy and practice span 30 years. In his position as ATI Vice President Corporate Projects, Dr. Feld is responsible for supporting ATI-client partnerships designed to enhance student achievement. Dr. Feld plans and monitors both ATI responses to changes in governmental policies and public needs related to education and ATI projects with K-12 and Pre-K policy implications. Dr. Feld establishes and maintains relationships with state departments of education and with federal and corporate organizations responsible for education policy and practice.


Dr. Feld is a published author in books, scholarly journals, technical reports, and early childhood journals and has served on editorial advisory boards. He has been a speaker at many state and national Pre-K and K-12 conferences, including the Arizona Teaching in Education Alliance and Arizona Department of Education, Arizona School Board Association and Arizona School Administrators Conference, the Council for Chief State School Officers, the National Child Care Association, and the National Head Start Association. Dr. Feld has presented the research findings of ATI at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. and his work on child outcomes has been utilized on the PBS NewsHour.




Dr. John Bergan


John Bergan, Ph.D.

Vice President Research and Development


John Bergan received his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Arizona. His research experience extends nearly 20 years and covers a wide variety of topics within psychology and education. Since 1996, Dr. Bergan has been directing research and developing technology to create electronic assessment tools for children from birth through the 12th grade. Dr. Bergan is the author of several articles in scientific journals, and has delivered several presentations to educational professionals locally and nationally. He is a member of the American Educational Research Association and National Council on Measurement in Education. As Vice President Research and Development, Dr. Bergan is instrumental in designing and developing ATI innovations focusing on assessment, accountability, and student learning. He also oversees the design and implementation of quality assurance testing procedures relevant to all development efforts and data importation.



Scott Cunningham


Scott Cunningham, B.S.

Assessment and Instructional Design Director


Scott Cunningham received his B.S. in Education from the University of Nebraska and has held teaching certifications in Nebraska, Minnesota, and Arizona. Mr. Cunningham joined ATI in 2002 and draws on his years of experience in the classroom developing interactive, academically challenging lessons and assessments in his current role of supervising development of item specifications for consistent measurement of standards-based learning standards. Mr. Cunningham also trains and supervises a team of content specialists in the creation of item types and items for the online and offline measurement of standards mastery. Additionally, he is leading the team that is developing ATI’s innovative Instructional Dialogs, a model of interactive, technology-based instruction, which involves educators in developing and sharing proven educational strategies through lessons designed to increase student achievement. 



Craig Mayhew


Craig Mayhew, B.S.

Field Services Director


Craig Mayhew received a B.S. in Regional Development in 1996 from the University of Arizona. A member of the ATI team since 2000, Mr. Mayhew is Director of the Field Services Department. In this capacity, he oversees services to current and prospective clients. He manages the Field Services component of the instructional improvement/ instructional effectiveness system to ensure timely and responsive service to client needs. Over the past decade, Mr. Mayhew has provided focused seminars on Galileo technology and the ways in which it makes life easier for users to hundreds of attendees in multiple locations across the country. Mr. Mayhew has also played an important role in assisting large client groups with child outcome research initiatives.



Brandon Smith


Brandon Smith, B.A., MCSE

Information Technology Director


Brandon Smith earned a B.A. from the University of Arizona. After graduating from college, he served as an Officer in the United States Air Force and worked as a physical scientist for both the Air Force and the US Army Corps of Engineers. During this time he worked with large-scale databases, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and developed an electronic tracking system for chemicals used at a government shipyard. Mr. Smith is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Professional. He has over a decade of experience handling various information technology and multimedia services. Mr. Smith joined ATI in 2001. As Director of the Information Technology Department at ATI, Mr. Smith oversees the development and maintenance of the entire ATI technology infrastructure. His department is responsible for the maintenance of ATI’s internal network as well as the web infrastructure which enables ATI to offer online services. Additionally, he is responsible for designing and supervising the maintenance of ATI databases. Mr. Smith oversees the provision of timely and responsive staff and client technical support services.



Kerridan Smith


Kerridan Kawecki, B.A.

Professional Development Director


Kerridan Kawecki graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Arizona with a B.A. in Secondary Education. She is past Chairman of the Canyon del Oro Technology Subcommittee for the North Central Accreditation Team. A member of the ATI team since 2000, Ms. Kawecki is well versed in educational theory and practice. She is sensitive to the everyday challenges facing educators and includes innovative and practical solutions in the creation of professional development content. Ms. Kawecki is also very sensitive to the importance of using assessment data to inform instruction and provides extensive information for clients on using the information provided in ATI reports to enhance student achievement. She has designed online distance learning courses on Galileo technology and directs the delivery of on-site and online professional development for both administrators and teachers. Ms. Kawecki has personally delivered hundreds of professional development sessions for ATI clients. Recently, Ms. Kawecki designed, delivered, and implemented professional development for ATI's Community Assessment and Item Banking Initiative which assists collaborating school districts in the creation of valid and reliable assessment items for non-state-tested subjects.


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